If you raise your leg this way, support your arm like this, move your ass that way, keep your balance… Sometimes it seems essential to be a professional gymnast and a super flexible and strong person to hold certain positions. Especially when it comes to having sex and achieving a guaranteed orgasm. Or, on the contrary, you are a boring person who falls into a routine and is not very innovative and daring.

The truth is that there are countless ways to position oneself to have sex with Chandigarh Escorts or without penetration. As many, perhaps, as there are practices. These can be checked out in the famous book of the Kamasutra, or by doing a simple internet search. Much has been written about the perfect position for maximum, intense and lasting pleasure.


Can a guaranteed orgasm be achieved by posture itself?

But the real question is, is there any infallible position? The one to always resort to in order to reach ecstasy. The one that makes you sweat, squeeze your eyes and hands and even your toes until you explode with moans, gasps and screams. 

The classics never fail for a guaranteed orgasm. Missionary, spooning, doggy style or cowgirl are the most popular. Besides offering great opportunities to choose the desired rhythm and depth, they have great visual advantages.

Being able to observe how the person moves on top during penetration, grabbing the hips, groping the whole body and even some spanking. Thanks to these positions many have ended up with scratches on their backs or buttocks, witnesses of the pleasure experienced.

Any of these options is good and can end in delicious ecstasy if done correctly. Although if you want to be innovative and try new things, there are more options.

In search of the guaranteed orgasm: beyond the classics 

On the one hand. there are the scissors, in which both legs are intermingled. You can also try standing, or with the wheelbarrow pose if you have the necessary strength. Even other known positions such as the spider or the rocker, where both people lean on their hands and feet face up. While the one who is going to be penetrated places her feet on both sides of her sexual partner’s hips. 

But you can also melt with pleasure and have a guaranteed orgasm by raising your partner’s legs to get even deeper inside her. Hugging one of her limbs up high, or resting her bent knees on her chest for a spring effect.


Choosing posture: How to achieve a guaranteed orgasm?

Among the infinite number of options, how do you know which one will be the most pleasant? The one that with the minimum effort can give the maximum result. The most effective and efficient way to endure and repeat what you want. 

To find it, it is necessary to take into account several things so that the result is indeed the expected one.

Self-knowledge, fantasies

The most important thing to keep in mind is to know your own body. Knowing which areas are more sensitive and how to touch them for maximum enjoyment. In this way you can discover which positions will be the most suitable to increase and intensify the orgasm.

In addition to the possible fantasies, fetishes or tastes you have, of course. Some will be more comfortable and better to make all desires come true. Therefore, trust and communication between sexual partners is essential to know one’s own and others. Because, who does not find pleasure when you have another person panting and moaning your name as a sex god?

Stimulating the right zones for a guaranteed orgasm

Once you have located the most sensitive parts that you want to stimulate, it’s time to get down to work. Because the position depends on having greater accessibility to the area. The 69, for example, is perfect for oral sex because it is simple, concrete and direct for its purpose.

Is it the genitals? Nipples? Neck? Feet? Once the object of pleasure has been found, all you have to do is get comfortable and get down to business.

Physical, site and time conditions

Another important thing when choosing the ideal posture is to be realistic. Be aware of your own limits. The strength and flexibility you have to be able to enjoy each posture to the fullest.

Forget about how pleasurable the position may look in that porn video or sexuality text. The goal is to please yourself and reach orgasm, not to jerk or break something. 

In addition, time and space can also determine the best way to position yourself to reach that happy ending. The bed, the shower, the kitchen, the sofa, the car… A quickie or deeper and longer, something spontaneous or prepared… The best way to fit into each of these situations is different.


Sexual practice

The same applies to the activity to be performed. This means, it is not the same if you are going to practice BDSM, anal, oral or vaginal. Just to give a few examples. Because there are some practices such as massage or tantra that even need other accessories or erotic toys. Some of which cannot be used in any way. In this way, a guaranteed orgasm will be achieved.

Experience versus routine

As mentioned above, the worst enemy of pleasure is routine. So innovating even a bit is always good and appreciated. That is why it is important to be aware that just because a position works at some point does not mean it is infallible. Variety is the spice of life and you can even change positions during the sexual act itself.

In the end, the most important thing is to be comfortable and enjoy. Be clear about what you want and your own limits. Communicate and let yourself go, avoid thinking too much and let your bodies speak for themselves. The question is to try, experiment by varying postures, rhythm, speed and involving all parts of the body available and willing to end up exploding with pleasure in an intense and guaranteed orgasm.